Prayers for Success review

Prayers for Success review |

This is a review of Prayers for Success by Mizi Wahid (Ustaz Tarmizi bin Abdul Wahid) I did for It was a little difficult for me at first because I wasn’t sure how to approach a review of a non-fiction, especially on such a weighty topic as religion and one by a fairly well-known local asatizah. When  reviewing something, I find there’s a tendency (for me at least) to be critical and find flaws and fault with whatever it is I happen to be reviewing as way of being “objective”.

It simply wasn’t something I could do here. In as much as it is a book in the ‘self-help’ genre, Prayers for Success also seeks to do so within a religious context and I believe it really is a commendable effort by Ustaz Tarmizi to make regular du’a into a daily practice of the average Muslim. Wallahu alam bis sawab. 

Peace be upon you.